Google Nest: Making the World Smart

Google Nest, previously named Google Home, is a line of smart speakers developed by Google under the Google Nest brand. The devices enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant. 

In-house and third-party services are integrated, allowing users to listen to music, control playback of videos or photos, or receive news updates entirely by voice. Google Nest devices also have integrated support for home automation, letting users control smart home appliances with their voice command. 

The first device, Google Home, was released in the United States in November 2016; subsequent product releases occurred globally from 2017–2019. The tiny and affordable Google Nest Mini smart speaker looks just as adorable as the Google Home Mini but has a better sound with more powerful bass. The gadget’s voice-recognition capabilities have also been improved. Unlike the Home Mini, the Nest Mini also has a wall mount, so it can integrate even more effortlessly into any home. 


Google Nest can distinguish between up to six people by voice. The original Google Home model is a cylindrical speaker that is 5.62 inches (143 millimeters) tall and 3.79 inches (96 millimeters) in diameter. The top surface of the device features colored status LEDs and features capacitive touch controls to start and stop the music and adjust the volume. A mute button is located on the back of the device, which disables the microphones. 

The unveiling of Google Home Mini during a hardware-focused event on October 4, 2017, which was released on October 19, 2017. It is a variant of Google Home with the same overall functionality but in a small pebble-like form factor around 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter, with a fabric top that its white-colored status lights shine through. It has a mute switch rather than a mute button and uses a micro USB connection for power.The available colors are “aqua”, “chalk”, “charcoal”, and “coral”. Google Assistant, an intelligent personal assistant, is included as the main. The Assistant is able to engage in two-way conversations with users. 


A rumor that got viral was when the Wall Street Journal reported in October 2016 that Google hired writers from Pixar movies and The Onion satirical newspaper to develop a personality for the Assistant. On November 5, 2018, Google announced its partnership with Disney to bring interactive read-along books to Google Home. In 2019, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Zigbee Alliance announced a partnership to make smart home products work together. 

David Pierce of Wired compared Google Home to Amazon Echo, writing in a summary that “Sometimes Home feels like sci-fi magic. Music sounds bigger and richer on Nest Mini with more power and bass. Ask your Google Assistant to play your favorite songs from Spotify, YouTube Music, and more. Or stream music from your phone to Nest Mini. Works with Nest is a program that allowed third-party devices to communicate with Nest products, such as virtual assistants, along with many third-party home automation platforms. Additionally, many smart device manufactures have direct integration with the Nest platform, including Whirlpool and GE Appliances. So Google Nest has made our busy lives quite easier by adding google assistant in our houses.

What’s more to come from Google? Are you guys ready to buy the new Google Nest (2 Generation)?

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