Blogging as a Career

When thinking of blogging as a career a lot of us think blogging means an online diary for teenagers or stay-at-home moms that use blogging as a hobby.

 Well, a blog is actually a regularly updated website or page with new content. 

You might get surprised to know that The New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and even Conde Nast Traveller are all blogs.

You develop new skills

If someone does some research he/she will come to know that blogging requires learning how to 

  • customize a website
  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • PR
  •  Graphic design
  • SEO

And many more things. After reading all of this the first thing that comes to our mind and due to which we don’t even give it a try is that you definitely would need to be a web developer or at least a coder to get a blog up and running.

It might sound scary, but believe me, literally, anybody that knows how to use a computer and has Internet access can start blogging as a career. Knowing those things can be a plus point but you still run a successful business. 

You don’t even need to do some courses on adobe for graphic designing. There are many user-friendly free websites or software’s, such as Canva which is made for beginner bloggers so that you can learn everything about graphic design in a couple of days. or photopea which is a complete photoshop so you get to learn and use photoshop without even wasting your system’s resources. 

You become the authority of your own work

I bet you are thinking even after knowing all of that you still cannot start a career in blogging because you are not a writer or your typing speed is below average or just average. Well, firstly let’s talk about the ones with average or below average typing speed.

in today’s world, Google has introduced speech to text programs, ok you can’t type that fast but you can talk. And now for those who aren’t writers. What if I tell you that some of the most successful bloggers out there are not writers either? 

The only thing that you need to be is knowledgeable enough in a specific topic that other people will be able to learn from your expertise or knowledge. If you are an internee in some firm or still in learning phase so probably you don’t have expertise well you can teach people through your knowledge now how do you know you got that amount of knowledge on a particular subject well if you share your knowledge with your friends and family and find them not that before well that’s your cue well the viewers on your blog aren’t going to be alien from mars or some genus who will know everything they are going to be normal people if your friend and family learned something so are the viewers going to.

The topic can be anything from raising kids, home décor, digital marketing, accounting, recruiting, how to run a business, how to lose weight, sports, cars, travel, food recipes, fashion, literally anything that you can think of. 

If you have a full-time job and decide to start blogging as a side hustle, this can be a great way to showcase your expertise if blogging is related to your day job. Your blog can be used as a portfolio and also it can help you connect with other people in your industry. 

Blogging opens so many doors and even if blogging is not your career choice, it can lead to discovering a new career path. And the best part is if you decide to give up blogging and focus on your career or something else still you would have learned a lot. 

You make money

Depending on how much time you decide to invest in blogging, you can earn not only a side income, but make a great living out of it. Bloggers from around the world are making anything from 3,000$ per month and up to more than 100,000$ a month. Yes, you read that right. You can make 100,000$ per month from blogging. The beautiful thing about blogging is that you take out what you put in. If you are serious about it, you can grow your blog into a thriving business.

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